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Familia disfrutando en una plantación de Teff

The Panteff philosophy

Panteff is an original recipe from traditional medicine and regenerative treatment specialist Antonio Nicolau and the team at the Santa Sana bakery

This innovative recipe arose from the idea of producing a very special food designed for regenerative nutrition, providing the nutrients the body needs for tissue renovation. Quality nutrition with essential nutrients for a responsible diet that helps the body function normally. Panteff bread is part of the daily diet of many patients at the Nicolau Complementary Health and Wellbeing Centre in Santander.

Our team works to offer healthy nutrition based on 100% natural, quality ingredients and innovation. We are committed to quality nutrition, and that is why we want the beneficial effects of this superfood to reach as many people as possible in Spain and abroad.

Panteff España is a Spanish company that has the exclusive rights to make and distribute Panteff. We have our own communication and sales channels, sales outlets at specialist food shops, and the important support of nutritionists and food specialists.

Transparency and expertise

Panteff is locally made at our factory in Parbayón, Cantabria. The production facility is specifically designed just to make Panteff, and it includes processes that guarantee the optimisation of each stage and complete freedom from traces of gluten. There is no absolutely risk of cross contamination.

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