What are the shipping costs for my order?

All orders delivered in the Iberian Peninsula or the Balearic Islands have ZERO shipping costs.

How long will my order take?

Our promise is to deliver your bread within two working days, but in most cases, if you order before 12 noon, your bread will be delivered the next day.

We don’t deliver on Saturdays and Sundays, so if you place your order on a Friday, it won’t arrive until Monday or Tuesday.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver to anywhere on the Iberian Peninsula, including Portugal, and the Balearic Islands. On-line orders cannot be sent to the Canary Islands or the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla. However, we are working to set up an extensive network of establishments to distribute Panteff throughout Spain.

How can I track my order?

We currently work with Correos Express. When you place an order, they text you so you can track and even reschedule the date, time and location of your delivery. You also have the option of collecting your order at your nearest post office.

Do I need to register to place an order

You don’t have to register to place an order. However, we do recommend registering, so you don’t have to enter your details every time you want to place a new order. By creating your own account, you’ll also get access to all your previous orders and future benefits.

Can I order by telephone or e-mail?

Although we would be delighted to hear from you by telephone, WhatsApp or e-mail, all orders must be placed through our website store, so we can provide a secure payment environment and expedite delivery


What guarantees do I have that your bread contains no trace amounts of gluten?

Panteff is authorised by the Federation of Coeliac Associations of Spain (FACE) to use the Crossed Grain Trademark (European Licensing System) under the AOECS Standard for gluten-free food production.

We take food safety very seriously, particularly when dealing with allergens as sensitive as gluten. That’s why we use cereals that are naturally gluten free, like rice and teff. Furthermore, our bakery makes Panteff only, nothing else, so there is no chance of cross contamination.

Why does your bread include medicinal plants like nettles, reishi and ginger?

Panteff is not just the sum of its ingredients. Panteff is an exclusive recipe designed to create a super food that leverages the synergies among its ingredients. The phytonutrients that come from these plants enhance Panteff’s beneficial effects on your health.

What makes Panteff so special?

Panteff has been made with a unique recipe that cleverly combines high-quality ingredients with carefully designed mixing, fermentation and baking processes. The result is a digestive, delicious, very healthy bread that gives you important health benefits.

What allergens does Panteff have?

None, absolutely none at all. Panteff is safe for everybody.

Who is Panteff particularly recommended for?

In general, for everybody who’s been looking for a healthy bread that’s delicious too. Panteff is also especially recommended for people who believe in a healthy, natural diet, athletes, people with coeliac/celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, people with gastrointestinal difficulties, inflammatory disorders or constipation and, of course, for vegans.

Storage and consumption.

How long does the bread last in its packaging?

Thanks to its recipe and packaging, our bread stays fresh in its original packaging for at least two months. Ideally, it should be kept in the refrigerator or in a cool, dry place, but always in its original packaging.

And once open, how long does it keep, and how should I store it?

Once open, the bread must be kept in the refrigerator in an airtight bag or container. We also recommend only slicing off what you’re going to eat, to increase its shelf life. If you follow these instructions, Panteff will keep perfectly well for at least a two weeks.

How do you recommend eating it?

For an optimum eating experience, we recommend cutting the bread into slices 1 cm thick and toasting it on your toaster’s highest setting for at least three minutes, or until it’s golden brown.

Why does this bread have to be toasted?

Since our bread doesn’t have any gluten, sugar or additives to make it light and fluffy, we recommend toasting Panteff to bring back all its texture and bring out its great flavour. It will be crunchy on the outside and light and fluffy inside.

How long does it take to toast your bread?

That depends largely on how powerful your toaster is, how thickly you slice the bread and how dark you like your toast. Under average conditions and at the maximum setting, it takes three to six minutes to toast a slice of Panteff.

Is it normal for the bread to break apart?

Despite the care we take and all our breadmaking expertise, all gluten-free bread is more likely to crumble or break apart, because it has no gluten. This does not affect the texture or the flavour in any way.

Where to buy Panteff.

You can buy it on this website or over our Instagram profile, or you can visit our section Where to buy Panteff to find a map with a list of stores that carry Panteff.

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