Teff provides our bread with quality protein, including eight essential amino acids, most importantly lysine.

Teff and lysine

The antioxidant function of lysine helps your body create muscle mass and recover from bone injuries.

Lysine benefit

Its complex carbohydrates provide energy by gradually releasing glucose.

Slow release

The resistant starches in Panteff help your microbiota create butyrate, which your body uses to absorb energy better.

Resistant starches and butyrate

Panteff is also rich in phosphorus and manganese, which contribute to energy metabolism, bone maintenance, the formation of connective tissue and the protection of cells from oxidative damage.

Phosphorus and manganese

The whole process is reinforced by the phytonutrients Panteff gets from reishi, ginger and nettles.

Reishi, ginger and nettle

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How can we help you?