Think you know bread? Think again.

Now healthy and delicious are baked together in the same loaf.

Panteff is a unique and different gluten-free teff bread.

Essential for people with celiac disease, gluten sensitivity and other gastrointestinal disorders and intolerances, because it does not contain gluten, allergens, sugar or added starches. And it also helps regulate intestinal transit.

It is unique for its high content of teff, an African cereal full of nutrients and benefits for your health that, in perfect harmony with the rest of the ingredients, creates a superfood.

And different because in addition to being good for you, its texture, crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside, and its flavor are unbeatable.

The bread for those looking for a better nutrition.

Ingredients: Water purified by osmosis, flour (rice flour (80%), teff flour (20%)), extra virgin olive oil with a certificate of origin from Bajo Aragón, pink Himalayan salt, yeast, xanthan gum, sunflower lecithin, potassium sorbate, organic ginger, apple vinegar, organic reishi (Ganoderma Lucidum), nettles (Urtica dioica) and poppy, sunflower, flax, pumpkin and chia seeds.

*Allergen free



Healthy Digestive Full of Energy Trans fat free GMO free Source of phosphorus
Low in saturated fats No artificial additives High manganese content

How to eat and store Panteff: slice and toast till golden brown

Slice the loaf and toast the slices at the top setting until they are golden brown. In the toaster Panteff will recover its texture, crunchy on the outside and light and fluffy inside, and all its great flavour will come out. Store in a cool, dry place or refrigerate. Once open, keep in a sealed bag or container in the fridge.

Pan Panteff Tienda

The exclusive Panteff recipe

The innovative Panteff recipe is the reason why this healthy, gluten-free teff bread is so beneficial.
Finally you can enjoy natural, healthy, nutritious, gluten-free bread that tastes great, too.

An authentic recipe with meticulously selected ingredients. Teff is the star component, but each ingredient has a role to play and acts in unison with the rest to make a unique food. Panteff is more than just a mix of ingredients; it is the synergy among ingredients that makes Panteff so good.

Panteff is made using an original recipe that’s found the way to overcome the difficulties of baking with teff flour and produce a healthy, nutritious, gluten-free bread with a unique texture and unbeatable flavour.

Finally, a healthy bread that tastes great and makes you feel good!